Andrew Moore: Artist of the Real World


Andrew Moore, an artist par excellence has a special place in the hearts of fine art lovers. Known for his realistic paintings, his art has been appreciated by many collectors from New England. He was born in 1957 in Connecticut. Andrew Moore has created images that are known for their rich color palette which mostly reflects scenes from Cuba, Detroit, and Russia. They are mostly scenes that depict the architectural grandeur and urban frames from these places. He is currently teaching the postgraduates at the School of Visual Arts in New York a master’s degree course in Photography M.F.A program. He himself obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography from Princeton University in the year 1979. Our website provide complete information regarding fine arts. Do not forget to check that out!

Exhibitions and Grants

His works have adorned many galleries and have been showcased in the collections at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Art gallery at Yale University, The High Museum, Akron Art Museum, Yancey Richardson, New York, Museum of Nebraska Art and the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Andrew Moore has in the past received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1981, The New York State Council on the Arts, World Monument Fund/Knoll International in 2006, Cleveland Clinic in 2005, and Public Art Fund at Hilton Hotel in 1999.

Where and how does the Magic Happen?

Andrew Moore currently works in a studio located in Harthaven in Oak Buffs on Massachusetts Island at Martha’s vineyards. His interests are wide and varied. Apart from being a revered artist, he is a sailor, fisherman, hunter, and naturalist. His experience in the world inspires most of his works. Andrew Moore works mostly with watercolors, oil, and egg tempera. He is known to make short journeys out to the Marina to add to his painting, which represents the island and the seasonal changes that it witnesses. If you want to learn more about the top best paintings, visit this dedicated website for useful information.

The most striking part of his process of creating intriguing art is the environment he creates around himself. His studio is surrounded by materials such as rocks, leaves, plants, birds, Photographs etc which keep him connected to the canvases he is creating. Even though inspired by everything which is real and present in the outside world, his creations find excellent finishing in the solitude of his studio. His paintings are known for their depth and detail. Andrew Moore builds the idea, makes a small sketch, and then goes on to create magic on the larger canvas with every detail that he adds to the basic work.

His works have been showcased at many fine art galleries from all over the United States of America and Canada. However, one might also note that along with his magnificent creations, these fine art galleries- some of which are world-renowned also house many works by other artists as well. Some of these galleries exhibit works from different art museums from across the country.

Along with paintings, these galleries hold photography exhibitions as well.  Fine art galleries are great places for art lovers and collectors to find works of art that suit their tastes and they are also perfect places to meet the artists and understand the motivation behind each of their works. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about calligraphy and photography exhibitions.