Can Promotional Gifts Help Your Business?

Promotional Gifts

I don’t know about you, but often times, those freebies that companies give out end up underneath the passenger seat of my car or lost in the house somewhere. I’ve heard though from friends who score the good freebies that often times they become a useful part of their life and they really appreciate the loot they score.

Whether it’s a pen that gets lost under the car seat or a water bottle that gets taken to and from the gym for years to come, promotional gifts from businesses can have lasting impressions on the customers who receive them. 

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Why? Studies prove it.

Studies have shown that customers who receive promotional gifts from businesses are more likely to remember them and return to them for their business needs. According to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 87% of the participants remembered the advertiser on the “branded items they owned.” This means that your brand is memorable to nearly every person who received a free promotional product from your business.

Not to mention – it enhances your advertising campaigns.

Obviously, businesses use more than one type of advertising methods to draw in the customers. But if you are using media advertising, in addition to social media campaigns, by throwing in the occasional promotional gift to your customers, you are enhancing the impression of these other advertisements. When customers have a promotional product from a company, studies have shown that they are more likely to respond in a positive way to the advertised message.

Plus, if you are the type of business that understands the benefits of utilizing social networking to enhance your business presence and brand, you can still throw in promotional products. Show off customers utilizing your promotional products on sites such as Pinterest. If you have a business that customers can actually go to and purchase products in store, consider offering the customer a free item every time they “check in” using sites like Four Square or Facebook.

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You also have long-lasting exposure.

If you actually give a customer a product that they will use for the long term (such as messenger bags or shopping bags, coffee cups, or tech items), you are giving customers a long term experience with your company’s brand. No amount of commercial spots can have the same type of impact that a travel coffee mug can that your customer takes with them to and from work and sees your brand every time they take a sip of coffee. 

But don’t forget – make it a useful promotional product.

Of all the appreciation that customers do have for promotional products, they appreciate even more the items they can actually use. Studies have shown that a customer is more likely to take an item, if they find it useful. In addition, 66% of participants will give a product to someone else if they can’t use the item themselves. This is significant as this means that not only are you leaving a possible impression on one customer, you are also passing that impression along to someone else.

I will confess one additional tidbit about promotional items. I recently purchased a fantastic floral arrangement for the holidays and it greatly exceeded my expectations. Well, that was a few months ago and it was a new company I had tried. With major flower themed holidays around the corner (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day), I wanted to recall the name of the company I used. For the most part, since it was a new company, I had sort of forgotten. Until I realized I had kept their freebie promotional calendar at my desk at work. Guess whom I will turn to for my next flower needs?

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