Great Tips for Shopping Travelers in Milan

Shopping Travelers in Milan

Many people know Milan as the city of monuments and museums, the Italian football capital, and an “opera house” of Europe. Tourists all around the world aspire to visit the capital of Lombardy to enjoy the amazing “Last Supper” of Leonardo da Vinci, to hear the world’s opera stars in the La Scala Theatre, to admire the steeples of the Duomo Cathedral, and stroll along the ancient walls of the Sforza’s Castle. Are you interested to learn more about shopping? Visit this dedicated website for useful information.

However, it’s not a secret that nowadays this is also one of the major centers both of Italian and world fashion. Last year’s Milan proudly carries the title of the city-trendsetter and the phrase “shopping in Milan” has been strongly fixed on the lips of many people. This city offers incredible shopping opportunities with discounts and sales. Here you can find both brand stores of the most famous fashion houses and cheap, stylish clothes from the numerous local workshops. Regardless of what you need to buy – clothes, shoes or any other accessories – in Milan, you’ll always get a huge choice.

So, do you want to learn how to make your shopping in Milan easy, pleasant, and cheap?

Well, check out the next tips and get ready to enjoy your trip. Furthermore, you can read our articles on this dedicated website to know more about shopping on a minimum budget.

What is the best time for shopping in Milan?

Any time of the year is good for shopping in Milan. But if you want to enjoy the best rates and save lots of money, you should set off to Milan during the summer and winter sales.

  • Summer sales start in Milan at the beginning of July and continue until the end of August.
  • Winter sales: from the beginning of January – until the end of February.

During these periods all kinds of shops in Milan including boutiques, shopping malls, and outlets offer huge discounts of 30-80%.

How much money to take?

Probably, this is the most prevalent question of all shopping fans. So,

if you’re going to visit Milan, not during the seasonal sales, you should have at least:

  • 5000-6000€ to purchase a luxury collection of the current season (Prada, Armani, Dior) of 5-6 sets (pants, shirt, sweater, shoes, and accessories) for 1 person;
  • 2000-3000€ to buy 5-6 sets of clothes of the average price segment (Max Mara, Liu Jo, Stefanel);
  • 1000-2000€ for shopping in the designer’s outlets (5-6 sets for 2 persons);

Keep in mind that during the winter and summer sales you can additionally save up to 30-50%.

What is the most comfortable transport for shopping in Milan?

It’s not a secret that you’ll have to move a lot between the numerous Milan shops and malls. By the way, almost all popular outlets are located far from the city and it’s very inconvenient to reach them by subway, train or bus

In view of this, a rental car will be the most comfortable transport for shopping. Using a rental car you can quickly move from one place to another and keep your purchases inside the luggage boot.

Moreover, it’s very easy and affordable. You can make an advance reservation of cheap economy rental car at Malpensa Airport and pick up your vehicle in any place of Milan which is convenient for you. Visit this dedicated website to learn more tips and tricks about shopping.