How Your Auto Glass Can Survive Cold Winters

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The cooler months will soon be knocking on your door as August draws to a close. Ice-covered roads, bitterly cold temperatures, and constant fogging of your car’s windshield are all effects of the challenging winter season. Going to work on a chilly morning might be annoying, but making car maintenance part of your morning routine only makes it worse. Click here to get detailed information about the auto industry.

Below are a few tips from First Response Glass you can use for your car windshield during the cold winter months.

Defrost before scraping ice.

Windshields today are much tougher and more durable as compared to older windshields, however, they can succumb to damage with repeated scraping. A small imperfection or chip in your windshield can result in a bigger crack or damage if you apply too much force or pressure while trying to scrape off the ice. There are special sprays available in most auto car shop you can purchase that is made to aid in melting ice, therefore lessening the force you need to apply while you are scraping. To prevent damage to your windshield during the winter season, make sure to turn on the defroster for a few minutes before you scrape off the ice.

Avoid putting water directly on your windshield.

During the winter season, if your car is parked outside your house, it’s exposed to cold air, snow, and ice. Just make sure not to put hot or lukewarm water directly on your windshield because chances are it may crack your windshield.

Avoid parking under trees and branches.

Falling branches can be very common during winter, particularly after an ice and snowstorm. Heavy snow tends to mount up in tree branches, weighing them down and making them susceptible to breakage. Aside from being a safety concern, cars parked under such trees can be damaged with falling branches.

Have small chips and cracks repaired promptly?

Even if you are careful enough in taking care of your car during winter, it is still possible that your windshield will get damaged. If it does, make sure that you bring your car to a reliable auto glass professional as early as possible. Regrettably, a small crack or chip on your windshield can result in a bigger problem in a small span of time if left alone. Small cracks or chips can be easily repaired, but if you just let it be it can easily become l,arge, especially in cold weather. If the problem becomes a large crack then you may end up having to replace the whole windshield, which is very expensive. If you do decide to have your windshield repaired, just be sure to follow aftercare instructions given to you by the auto glass professional. If you still have some questions in mind regarding auto repair and maintenance, click on this link: