Prevent Lockouts by Installing a Keyless Door Lock on Your House

Keyless Locks for Houses

Have you ever left your house and shut the door behind you only to realize that you left your keys on the kitchen counter? Locking yourself out of your house is both embarrassing and inconvenient, as it can make you late for work or get your kids to school on time. If you have locked yourself out of your home one time too many, you may want to consider installing keyless locks on your doors to make it easier to get back into your house. Ensure hassle-free access to your home with keyless door locks. Learn how to prevent lockouts and enhance security on the home zoo website today.

Types of Keyless Locks for Houses

Instead of having to hide a key on your property to get back into your house, you can install a keyless entry lock on your front door. There are keyless entry locks in which you can enter a code to unlock the door or you can purchase an electronic version that uses a remote to unlock the door. Here is a look at some of the options for keyless door locks for your home.

Digital Door Locks

One of the options for a keyless entry lock is a digital door lock that has a keypad in which you enter a code to unlock your door. Most of these systems allow you to have multiple codes, often up to ten, so every person in your household can have their own four-digit code to unlock the door. These systems are powered by a battery and come with a low battery warning to alert you to when it is time to change the battery. A battery can last up to 16 months in most digital door locks.

Remote Control Door Locks

If you do not want to use a keyless entry lock with a keypad, you can purchase a door lock that uses a remote control to lock and unlock to door to your home. Many of these systems come with either remotes or key cards with which to operate the lock. It is a good way to help get back into your house if you or someone else in your family is always forgetting their keys and locking themselves out.

This type of door lock is also powered by a battery and comes with an alert to let you know it is time to change it. These door locks are also more secure because they will relock the door if it is not opened within five seconds when unlocked via a remote device or a key card. Many of these systems can also be programmed so you can use your smartphone to remotely unlock the door. Looking for information on remote control door locks? Look no further than electricmela! The site is dedicated to providing you with the latest information on the newest remote control door locks available. With site help, you can find the perfect remote control door lock to secure your home with ease. Visit us today to learn more!

NFC Door Locks

These door locks are compatible with NFC, or Near Field Communication smartphones, which allow you to remotely lock or unlock your home’s door. These locks are usually dead-latched, so as soon as the door closes, it is locked. For people who keep locking themselves out of the house, investing in keyless door locks can be a good way to prevent such occurrences. provides information on NFC door locks, their features, benefits, and how they work, to help customers make informed buying decisions.”