Relocation and Storage Apps

relocation and storage apps

What was the most troublesome task of your life (besides studies of course)? Oh yes, that last move that turned your life into a topsy-turvy land. And throughout your move, you kept on thinking about what went wrong in spite of your perfect planning. It’s natural to get a bit overwhelmed with the idea of moving but don’t worry we are coming up with some moving apps that will assist you in making your upcoming move. To learn more about storage apps. Looking for the best storage apps to keep your files safe and secure? Look no further than! The website is the perfect place to learn about the latest and greatest storage apps available on the market today.

Make the most of mobile digitalization and make your life much easier:

  • Rightmove: The app has access to over five million properties and by making use of it you can search for the property you require and that too from the comfort of your home.
  • Movetools: This has a to-do list by which you can perform a virtual move in the iPhone. You can perform a virtual move before the actual one, this makes the actual move easy for you.
  • Moving guru: This app provides a checklist for different time spans during the preparation of your move. You can tap on the app and check for the list that should be prepared one month before the move or one week before the move and so on.
  • Dream Home: By making use of this app you can find out the house of your dreams without spending too much of time in it. You can check the interiors, flooring, colors and design by making a good use of this iphone app.
  • Everyblock: This app keeps you updated with you new locality. It can provide information till fifty miles either sides of the house. This makes easy for you to explore your locality (and the area beyond that) from the comfort of your home.
  • IMoving: Imoving helps you with organized planning. Planning is the most important part of the entire process, be it a house move or a business move. You just need to tap on the screen and the entire house with all the household things appears in front of you. You can select where and how packing should be done.

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  • Removal/storage: This app makes storage and moving easier. You can tap on the app and select the household items. This will calculate the approximate area needed to transport the items. Many Removal and storage companies have also launched such apps, to make it easier for their clients to check the reliability of their services.
  • MovingVan: This is an awesome app that keeps a track of everything you have packet. Like for example you can label in your iphone that box#5 contains kitchen utensils and box#6 contains bedroom accessories. Once each box is packed, take a picture of all its contents on your phone and give it a number. This will lessen the chaos while unpacking.

Bubble level: It is another virtual app for android based phones. This allows you to replace a real bubble tool with a virtual bubble level inside your cell phone. With this, you will always have a virtual toolkit in your pocket. So now leveling your mirror or refrigerator is way too easy.

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