Google’s Updates – Panda & Penguin Updates

Google’s Updates – Panda & Penguin Updates

Google Panda’s latest update has made extreme changes to those key factors which are engaged for giving relevant, high-quality, and impressive search results. Google panda was only made to filter spam websites. Due to this many websites have been penalized and are losing organic traffic.

Google Penguin update punishes spam websites and limits the ‘duplicate content’ & ‘high keyword density in the website. The websites which are not according to the Google standards are punishable or panelized which affects the ranking of websites in search engine results. The website provides you with more information all about SEO tips, techniques, and Google ranking factors.

Now there are solutions for both Google algorithms. Tips to get evade Google panda are as follows:

Removal of duplicate content:

Firstly, go through the content you have added to your websites and find the duplicate text which you have copied from any other website. You should not only check for the content copied from websites of the third party but also the content used on multiple pages of your website. It is not necessary that the content can be duplicated from other groups or third parties, but it can also be possible that the content you have written is the same as comments or guest posts. To confirm whether your content has delicacy or not, there are tools like and

Always give preference to quality, not to quantity:

According to Google guidelines, the websites should be made for readers and not for search engines. So, the content in the article should be clear, informative, and according to the needs of the user. You might have been capable of scoring the high position by giving decent content and stuffing keyword. But these both will not be captivated anymore. Stop depending on cheap writers for articles and automated content generation.

The articles you write must have quality standards. If this standard is maintained in your articles, then you will not only attain a top ranking on search engines, but it will also provide benefits to building contacts or relations on social networking sites. WordPress Development is a technique or open software that offers great business opportunities.

Visit the website for more information about content writing techniques that are Google-friendly.

Be Social and interact on the internet:

Mostly, we prefer the computer screen to interact with people, especially webmasters, which is not enough for success. You must keep in touch with your audience and answer their question and most of them will join you on social media. Interacting with the audience on social networks will not only attract more traffic to the website but also gives your website a quality reputation. Word press has thousands of themes that will help you to design a unique website. Moreover, Google loves word press websites as they are updated more frequently. It helps in making the content more structured. As a result, the website will have a top ranking and more traffic. To find out more information, go to

Google Penguin:

Google penguin update was launched on 24th April. The main aim of Google penguin is to target spam websites. Spam websites are those websites that use Black hat techniques like stuffing keywords etc. Due to these black hat tactics, your website could get in trouble.

Factors that are involved in Google penguin are:

Overuse of matching domains

Using articles of low quality

Stuffing of keywords

Matching keywords

Tips to get rid of penguin update:

  • Optimize both inner pages and home pages
  • Give preference to SMO
  • Don’t make unusual links
  • Write content for users, not for search engines

These all above tips or points can be achieved by hiring an SEO expert. Dedicated SEO experts provide Guaranteed SEO Services which as a result will increase traffic and search engine rankings. You can save your website from Google penguin by taking the Guaranteed SEO services.

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