Summer Flowers that are perfect for Wedding Bouquets

Summer Flowers

Northern Ireland is a beautiful country to hold a wedding in during the summer. There is a lot to organize for a wedding, such as hiring a venue and finding a florist that can provide flowers that will brighten up a church or reception venue. Summer is a time of the year when many flowers start to bloom. Wedding florists in Belfast and other areas of Northern Ireland can suggest many flowers for a summer wedding, such as Germini. If you want to learn more about wedding decor, visit this website for more ideas.


Bright and vibrant, Germini flowers are very beautiful and can transform the space they are in. They can be put into vases or arranged where they will make a reception hall look amazing. As they are available in a variety of colors, other flowers can be put with them in a vase. They can even be carried in a basket by a flower girl who walks up the aisle in front of a bride.

Yellow spray carnations

At a sit-down meal with their family and close friends, yellow spray carnations can decorate the head table at which a bride and groom are sat at. A bride and her bridesmaids will look even more beautiful when yellow spray carnations are in front of them whilst her father and the best man gives a hilarious speech.

Sweet Williams

A florist in Northern Ireland can provide several types of Sweet Williams for a wedding arrangement. Instead of a bottle of wine, they could even be put in a gift bag and given to those who have been invited to a sit-down meal. Available in red, pink Sweet Williams can also be given as a gift. Sweet Williams can even line the outside of an aisle which a father will proudly walk the bride down.

Lilac Statice

With their elegant appearance, Lilac Statices are very popular wedding flowers. A bride could hold a bunch of them as she walks up the aisle. Lilac statices can also be put in a vase and onto the table which guests sit at during an evening reception. Do not forget to visit this website for further details regarding Bouquet decoration for weddings.


One of the most popular flowers around, sunflowers are associated with summer. Bunches of sunflowers can be carried by flower girls and bridesmaids. Several vases that contain sunflowers can be put around a long table at a reception. Sunflowers can also be in an arrangement alongside other flowers, such as the aforementioned. By explaining to a florist in Belfast about the flower arrangements that are required, a bride and groom will be pleasantly surprised. This is because the flowers that are at their wedding will take everybody’s breath away.

If a wedding is being arranged at the last minute, a florist in Northern Ireland can provide perfect designs using flowers that are only available during the summer. This is because a florist typically has many flowers which can be arranged at short notice. A florist can also charge low prices. Consequently, a bride and groom won’t spend more on flower designs than what their budget allows. You can visit this website for more information: