What can you see in Madrid?


Madrid is a city with great history and culture and you can see that in its buildings, in the styles used to build them and pretty much everywhere you turn.

Top 5 tourist attractions in Madrid

Here is a top 5 tourist attraction in Madrid:

  1. Puerta del Sol(the heart of the city) – this place was called La Puerta del Sol because of the sun emblem that used to stand here, but also because the sun align perfectly with it. Besides being a big public transport hub, it is also known as Kilometer 0 because from here all the roads on the Spanish national circuit are measured. Click here https://jornews.net/ to get more details about traveling.
  2. Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía – this contemporary museum was actually opened by Queen Sofia in 1986. The architect Antonio Fernandez Alba was the one who designed the building drawing its features from the Pompidou Center in Paris. The beautiful garden in the inner courtyard is filled with famous masterpieces by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Juan Miro.
  3. Buen Retiro Park – this park is pretty much like Paradise. Inside the busy city lies an oasis of relaxation, being one of the best ways of running from the hazardous life of the city. The park is a masterpiece of the 17th You can sit and enjoy the calm atmosphere at one of the open-air cafes inside the park.
  4. Plaza de Cibeles- this is one of the most beautiful plazas in Madrid with a big fountain in the middle of it, considered the symbol of the city and many Neo-Classical style buildings. If you want to know more about traveling to beautiful places, then visit this website https://web-bulletin.com/ for helpful information.
  5. Gran Via- this street is also known as the Broadway of Madrid because it is a street that never goes to sleep. The street runs through the center of Madrid, being filled with shops, cafes, restaurants and businesses. The Telephonica Building is the most famous on this street, being also the tallest.

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