My Hyde Park Neighborhood Adventure


Go Native has a directory of luxurious flats, situated in some of Londons most upmarket neighbourhoods including Sloane Square, Kensington, Shepherds Bush, Paddington, and Knightsbridge. Tourists and Londoners can spend the night for less than it would cost to stay at a 4* resort! I recently spent two blissful nights at the Hyde Park flats of Go Native Situated in Sussex Gardens, the 5-minute walk from the park itself. It is my wish to reside in central, to have my favourite places all within walking distance, to leave my house, not worry that I Will be mugged in the following five minutes. I intended to split my time between researching the neighbourhood region to try to find areas that were far-out and lounging around at the flat feeling like a manager. Click here: to learn more information about adventurous traveling.

The apartment is a stone throw away from the Royal gardens of Kensington Palace. I got up earlier so I really could take a stroll through the park which seemed lovely at that time of day than is natural for me. Most dominate Kensington Gardens but should not and generally stick to Hyde Park on the opposite side of the river as it is prettier and quieter than its neighbour.

Additionally, I stumbled across The Serpentine Sackler Gallery which resembles a UFO has landed. This contemporary art gallery just opened at the end of September is brand new to the art scene in London. Entry is free, so the inner part of the UFO continues to be worth a look even if you are not into artwork. It’s likely worth it to dine in a building which looks in this way.

My early morning was spent in this captivating little cafe using an Americano Coffee coupled with lots of Milk. Actually, I prefer my coffee shops a little larger than this but it had that friendly local feel with the chatty staff that encouraged me to try their delectable cakes. Kudos to whoever put on apologies to other customers because of my incessant humming of the Scorpions album. If you are interested in traveling, visit this dedicated website: for useful information.

I went here just to sit and do some of my work until I noticed that there is no Wi-Fi. So I just told myself to just relax and enjoy the view and give myself some slack. This restaurant/cafe offers wonderful views of the lake, particularly at sundown when the colours reflect from the surface of the water, so intimate and sit on the border of The Serpentine in Hyde Park. This coffee shop is not so cheap when it comes to their sandwiches. The sandwiches prices start at £8, expensive right? But seriously who wouldn’t pay that for a great sandwich that is served by a really beautiful and humorous lady? Yeah, you guess it right. No one!

I found an affordable spot to eat in this area that was so pricey! The decor is not tacky and there are lousy finger paintings or no washed out table cloths of Pisa. Despite being expensive the eatery is of great taste and fits into its environment. A good friend of mine and his chaperon loved the food so much that they even order another for a takeout.

This concealed 20s speakeasy arrived advocated in the Go Native guide, which I was grateful for as I am certain I wouldn’t have found it otherwise. Accompanied by Nadine and my buddies Daisy we discovered Purl using the map of Go Native and headed down into the low lit cellar. The door security asked us if we’d reserved a table. Fortunately, they had one available for all of us. Upon entering it looks to be somewhat modest but after walking around we found a maze of little candlelit alcoves decorated with uncommon trinkets to classic cameras from brass binoculars. Our website provides you with complete information about traveling, resorts, and their destinations.