Living Room Cleaning Tips

Living Room Cleaning

Keeping the living room clean is very important not just because it makes it look better but also because it creates a healthier living environment for you and your family. However, it often proves challenging to deal with all the clutter and set aside time for cleaning during the busy weeks and people tend to leave the living room cleaning for “next time”. This isn’t exactly good, because just like with any other cleaning task, the dirt and dust pile up and make the cleaning session even longer when you finally get to it, not to mention that it makes your living room look bad. If you want to learn more about cleaning and décor, visit this website for useful information.

When performing a big cleaning session, it is important to have a set cleaning order, which will allow you to avoid dirtying things that you’ve already cleaned. As such it is smart to begin your cleaning from the top down.
• First of all, make sure that you take care of your ceiling – dust it properly and then maybe vacuum it, depending on how long time has passed since your last cleaning session. For that it’s usually best to use either a ladder or mops, brushes and vacuums with long, telescopic handles. Then move on to the walls, for which vacuuming is usually enough – there rarely is much dirt or dust on the walls themselves, unless it really has been a long time since you’ve last cleaned.
• Now comes the time to take care of all the pictures, photographs and other things that are hanging on your walls. Carefully take them off, dust and clean them one by one and remember to clean the wall behind them, before you hang them back up.
• After the walls and ceiling comes the window area. Begin by taking down the drapery, curtains or blinds and clean or wash them. After that move on to the window stills and corners – this is where the majority of the dust gathers. After dusting and mopping the dirty areas, you can also do a vacuuming sweep to pick up anything that might have remained out of your reach. The window cleaning process itself is a very big task as well, but we won’t cover it in-depth here. In general it’s best to clean your windows when they aren’t under direct sunlight to avoid streaks. You can also checkout this website to get more tips and ideas about maintaining your home.
• After you are done with the ceiling, the walls and the windows you can move on to the furniture – couches, chairs and so on. Brush the dust off the couch cushions, make sure that you clean up its depths and retrieve any items that might be stuck there. Then move on to dusting the tables and other pieces of furniture that you have. Re-arrange your books, magazines and items and don’t forget to properly clean them up as well.
• The floor is yet another very complicated topic as there are a lot of different flooring types as well as rugs and carpets that all require different techniques. However the essence of the cleaning process will always remain the same. First and foremost, make sure that you research everything about your flooring type, carpets or rugs before you begin. The general floor cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner that has the proper tools for the job – remember that even the best canister vacuum cleaner will be useless if you don’t have the needed attachments. The mopping can also be taken over by some vacuum models but if you don’t own one, a bunch of mops will do the job just fine. Don’t use any detergents that might end up being bad for your flooring or for you and your family members, especially if anyone in your household has allergies.
Even though completely cleaning the living room takes a lot of time, it is absolutely worth it in the end – your home will look and feel a lot nicer. Not to mention that the more often you clean, the less time your cleaning sessions will take so there is absolutely no reason to put it off unless you are really pressed for time. For more tips about living room cleaning, visit this website for more details.